An excellent company needs an excellent corporate image

People say that an image costs more than a thousand words, and this belief is not completely false, a good part of the success of the biggest organizations nowadays is owed to the decent handling of its corporate image; beginning for something so essential, the logo, up to the image that the same workpeople sell to his clients and all the work of publicity and marketing that works around.

The logo is the communication of the essence of a company, beyond the products or services that it offers. It is the synthesis of the added value that the company offers, in addition to other concepts that he wants to communicate, by means of the use of certain forms, colors, and suitable typographies, with the objective of creating confidence and recognition in the target group and differs from its competitors.

Understanding this, now it is important to define what a logo is and what types of logos exist. A logo is the visual representation of a brand in the shape of icon, text, or the mixture of the two .

The types of logos that exist are word brand (representation of the brand only with typography, like Disney or Virgin); combination brand (it contains images and typography, like NBC or Huawei); and pictorial brand (representation of the brand by means of the only image, like Apple).

To understand what we want in our logo, we must first develop a brief that have to cover 3 essential aspects, on which we will detach several questions, and that will be our key to design our corporate image. To have in mind these aspects are:

  • Characteristics of the company, where we will know the name of the company, in which field it moves, who are itsĀ  competitors, and which advantages and disadvantages it possesses.
  • Target, for which our product or service is directed. It Is important to consider in this point, the age, socioeconomic level, interests, etc, to determine if the image that we are selling is the suitable one.
  • Preferences on the logo, where we decide what colors to use forms, the value and what we want to transmit (innovation, elegance, dynamism, abstinence, youth, etc.).


We already arm our brief and we are ready to design. But, after that we must considerate that a logo must be as simple as possible and clean, must transmit the values of the company, with the minor quantity of elements and colors, must be versatile and easy to use in different means and substrata, must last in the time and not be framed in fashions passengers.

Bearing in mind all these aspects, we can start being employed at our image. It is important to go with the experts’ in the topic, which can help to solve what was mentioned here and to give us solutions to the development of our corporate image.

An excellent company needs an excellent corporate image

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