As we mentioned in the last article, to keep close communication with your clients is crucial, and has never been more important than now.

Live Chat and facebook messenger open a new communication channel and fill the expectations about catching more leads to your website or closing an ongoing purchase. The success of our company depends on the actions we do. This is why these two had become the new alternative to effective marketing.

The strategies used by many companies include cold calling and emails. These strategies don`t use direct communication with your potential clients, therefore, some companies experience considerable losings related to the lack of knowledge of their customer needs, limiting future sales.

Messenger or live chat gives you the opportunity to establish a direct conversation and to avoid the tedious task of filling a form. We can say that immediately the chat is open, whatever your request is, it is resolved in the shortest time possible.

To all these requirements, Facebook Messenger has opened a solution to the companies that want to improve their leads and sales. Facebook is a social network beyond that being a network for leisure time, it is a great tool for digital marketing.

Recently, the option to send messages was only used to talk among friends, but it had never been thought to be implemented in the business pages opened on Facebook.

Fortunately, this is changing and Facebook has been adapting to this, partly due to the great boom that technology and the changes that are constantly present in this digital age.

Besides, one of the applications that can be used in facebook messenger is to create a “call for action” in the conversation.

The number of possibilities that we can offer to the client is diverse. Among the most relevant there are, leads to your website, a click to your blog content, sales, a subscription to your newsletter, etc.

The matter is how far we can go with our creativity, we can build a great marketing campaign using chat tools, but it is important to know what kind of campaign we will build and to who we will offer.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger is opening an advantage for the companies and their websites, but this still in trial and study mode.

This will allow you to connect the content of your Facebook to your website. Some websites are already using it, but the tool still needs to improve some aspects.

Now, other of the tools that Messenger offer, are the bots, that give automatic answers to most frequently ask questions.

In this case, we can configure the bot with the answers that we want to give to our potential customer.

This reduces the response time that the client waits and is open all the time that our business is close, so clients get an answer when they require.

With this basic tools, we can start to open our new channel of communication but it is important to know the language that we will use (kind and concrete), and to organize, our schedule, to give the right answer in the right time.

Of course, Boko is here to give you the best solution, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Live chat & facebook messenger the new calls to action. Part 2

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