The quarantine has forced many companies to reinvent themselves and give their employees the possibility to work from home. In Boko we know that it is not an easy transition to make, therefore, we have some tips on how to optimize your work from home and get more sales through Linkedin.

The transition of several companies to the digital era is already a fact, many of them manage their business with only a website or social networks, sales, shipping and customer service all through the same channels. This is why networks like Linkedin give us the possibility to connect with people who can become potential customers for our business.

Knowing how to connect with them is the key to success. On several occasions sales representatives have lost business opportunities and potential customers by using traditional sales methods.

There are three factors that affect this success; first, the loss of essential participants in the decision to buy B2B, secondly, there are some buyers who think that the sales representatives do not understand their business and third, the representative loses all contact with his client. For this reason at Boko we have prepared some guidelines that you should take into account when contacting potential customers through Linkedin:

1. Create an expert profile

First impressions are always important when you are doing business.  That is why it is important that you complete your profile. Remember to put up information that captures the attention of your buyers in a positive way, have quality multimedia material that shows the work you do and a professional profile photo that makes a good impression.

2. Create a list of leads

Linkedin offers a valuable tool to segment and reach customers who are really interested in your business.  Through Lead Builder in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it is possible to identify potential clients, using the information available in their Linkedin profiles such as location, company size, position, function and seniority.

Put together your search criteria and let Sales Navigator show you the relevant leads that will help you find the right people to do business with. When you find them, start interacting with them.

3. Discover your team’s contacts

Sales Navigator also gives you the ability to view all key contacts who have contact with people in your company via TeamLink.

4. Decide when is the perfect time for the sale

Understanding how users interact is paramount in deciding the best time to sell. It is important to be aware when a potential customer changes jobs, posts, content or makes a comment, and when the news feed or Sales Navigator notifies you of a potential customer.

5. Finally remember

when you make contact with your potential client it is important to have a cordial communication. You can send him a message after reading his profile appealing to his emotions and interests, you can refer to a personal interest, mention an interesting article or an educational institution he has attended. Then is important that you allow 5 to 7 days to contact him again.  In the second message you will appeal to the logical side of the brain, sharing relevant information or data.

Following these guidelines will allow you to generate more opportunities and achieve the required results for your business.

Discover how to improve your sales from home: a complete guide to get the most out of Linkedin.

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