If you are one of those people who like doing business, you have some interesting products that you want to put on the online shelfs but you don’t know how; The best you can do is taking advantage of the rise of new technological and social networks trends and create your own e-commerce.

We are in the middle of a digital era and it is essential that your business has its presence on the Internet, otherwise it would be as if it did not exist.

In Boko, we know the power and capabilities that the internet has and what you could achieve by having your business online. That’s why, this time, we bring you 6 of the best e-commerce platforms, which will help you get your business online.

1. Shopify

Is among the best platforms for creating e-commerce. Many of its advantages include the ease of assembly and administration because it requires little handling of code, plus you do not have to deal with the purchase of hosting, which reduces the management of different platforms.

It is available in several languages and has several templates to configure your website to your liking. It also offers you the option to enter a large payment gateway.

One of Shopifys’s disadvantages is its monthly price which goes around $45Aud p/m for a basic plan without features like business cards.

2. Woocommerce

Works through WordPress, the most popular content management system for websites. Its development is not as intuitive as other platforms, but it allows you to choose the Look & Feel of your website as you desire.

Woocommerce offers a great advantage in terms of visibility and search engine positioning and it is cheaper than Shopify because you just need to pay for the WordPress hosting which is around $6Aud p/m.

One of Woocomerce’s disadvantages is that you need to integrate your payment system and it requires more than logic to do the management yourself.

3. Magento

Is one of the best platforms for large businesses, allowing more than one store to be managed simultaneously. Magento is a native e-commerce software, which allows to include many extra modules and functionalities.

It is a highly recommended platform for SEO positioning, it also allows the inclusion of ERPs. One of Magento’s disadvantages is its management system, if you are not a web developer and programmer as well, it is going to be really difficult to do basic changes like updating or uploading a product.

4. Prestashop

Has some similar features to Magento but is much simpler and more intuitive. It also offers advantages in terms of search engine optimization, allows to include several payment methods and to develop and manage several stores simultaneously.

However, Prestashop, does not offer any plan that includes hosting, SSL certificate or maintenance; this task must be done by the user which turns out to be a significant disadvantage. Its price is high, reaching $3,000AUD for design and configuration, but it does not require monthly payments.

5. Squarespace

This platform is ideal for you if you are starting with e-commerce or if you have a small business. No prior knowledge of design and programming is required, as the platform provides you with several easy-to-use templates.

Squarespace also allows you to upload an unlimited number of products, which the platform itself manages.

The platform offers plans tailored to your profile, there are plans from $34AUD up to $52AUD per month. Compared to platforms like Shopify, Squarespace is considerably expensive.

Another disadvantage is the un-intuitive way it works. Setting up your shop can take time if you don’t know the platform. In addition, it does not have a specialized mobile editor.

6. Wix

Specializes in creating websites but recently installed the functionality to create e-commerce. It offers a lot of free templates, however, it does not allow you to make changes when the page is published.

Wix has a cloud-based version so you don’t have to worry about storage and loading speed. Despite having very basic and limited functionality in the sales area, it has affordable prices and packages, ranging from $14 AUD to $37 AUD.

Analyze your product and your market well and choose the option that best suits your needs. In Boko Marketing we offer you all the advice and help you need with the assembly of your website.

The best platforms to develop your e-commerce

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