In five years, TikTok has risen to the seventh most-used social networking app in the world, ahead of Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. It attracts 100 million active users in the U.S. who like it’s short, digestible, entertaining video content.

Target millennials and Gen Z. Almost half (48%) of the age 18-to-29 population have used TikTok, according to Pew Research. Though it’s worth noting TikTok’s use is growing in all age categories.

But marketers may get frustrated if they don’t understand TikTok and realize its algorithm works differently than Instagram or Facebook. Here are five things on what to do, along with some inspiring brand examples.

  1. Not all song and dance

It’s no secret TikTok users are pulled into a feed full of fun, fashionable, and entertaining content. Lip-sync, dance, and comedy performances drive its wheels. But users also are drawn to other topics such as food recipes, marketing tips, sports, traveling, trend news, and more.

  1. All about that engagement

Your TikTok follower count doesn’t really help attract a crowd to your content. The real magic is in the engagement. TikTok’s algorithm rewards how well users interact with your content – liking, sharing,  commenting, watching until the end, or viewing multiple times.

Tip: To retain viewers, spark their interest in the first seconds and keep the total video between 15 and 30 seconds. Want to go longer? Add more value to keep viewers watching.

  1. Stitch and share

On TikTok, shared content is a big signal of valuable content. Users can send a direct message, copy a link to WhatsApp, share it on the platform, or stitch it to indicate to TikTok that the content is worthy of hype.

  1. Take on trends

Another way to find popularity on TikTok is hopping on trends, popular jokes, and challenges.

Tip:The discovery function and TikTok’s suggested hashtags, songs, and profiles on the sidebar help to identify what is trending on the platform. This tab also contains a search bar to input keywords or hashtags to find out what’s trending around them.

  1. Know where you want to be

Following these five TikTok tips above will help your brand create content that attracts loyal fans who are more willing to convert to join your owned audience and eventually become a customer too.


5 TikTok tips to get more views

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