5 TIPS for Facebook business manager

Facebook is a really powerful tool to improve your sales and get more leads. But the algorithm needs punctual orders to work. 

Also, after of the changes of the regulation of the cookies with iOS Facebook has to make some changes to keep making a good tracking work. 

Here we tell you 5 tips to take the best of this tool

  • Connect the pixel and the API

In the past, we just need to use the pixel in our websites to make the tracking work of our audiences. But, now we have to connect and configure the API integration and make the events in a “hand way”. So, one time you have the API embedded in your site, follow the instructions of Facebook and keep enjoying of the tracking of Facebook. 

  • Create your audiences

You must create your own audiences, taking advantage of the options of segmentation offered by the business manager. 

You can create your audiences using the information of the website, your social media, forms, and even you can add your databases to search your clients. In that way, you can send the right message to the right persons.

  • Make the AB testing 

The AB testing is the best way to understand and know your audience and his preferences. Use the AB testing ever when you can. So, you can make the content what your audience whant to see. 

  • Optimize your campaigns

You can save a lot of money following the performance of  your campaigns. So you can see what adsets are working better than others and give more budget to have more sales. 

  • Make content thinking in the needs of your clients 

To improve your sales you have to understand what your clients don’t search for products. In most cases, they want to fill a need. So, if you understand the needs of your clients you can offer solutions, that are better than just a product. 

5 TIPS for Facebook business manager

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