Sales through social networks (Facebook & Instagram)

Social networks have brought new possibilities and new forms of approaching marketing. The strategies that we use today aren´t the same that we used 3 months ago, and it is due to the context we’re living.

Everything around us works immediately. We live an accelerating way of life that demands fast solutions in specific moments of the day.

Live chat & facebook messenger, the new calls to action, second part

As we mentioned in the last article, to keep close communication with your clients is crucial, and has never been more important than now. Live Chat and facebook messenger open a new communication channel and fill the expectations about catching more leads to your website or closing an ongoing purchase. The success of our company depends on the actions we do. This is why these two had become the new alternative to effective marketing.

Live chat & Facebook Messenger the new calls to action

Keep close communication with your clients has never been more important than now. This is why marketing offers us more options every day. Sending a message or post something on social networks, aren´t the unique options to lead customers to our website, or to sell our products.

Calendar tools to organize your social media content.

In the labor sphere, any action or activity must be organized to obtain optimal results. To marketers, in particular, social networks have an important role in the marketing strategy. In this order of ideas, and with so many social networks to manage, is important to get prepared and have a plan to program when and what we´ll share.

RSS campaign for your newsletter

The RSS programs enable users to subscribe to the website with the objective of getting updated news. Generally, blogs and portals, keep information always updated, and, for this reason, they need this type of tool, letting the users to be informed about the latest news. This is a special advantage for the users because they receive the updates when they needed the most, aligned with the precise information related to their interests; for the company, this turns into more web page traffic.

An excellent company needs anexcellent corporate image

People say that an image costs more than a thousand words,and this belief is not completely false, a good part of the success of the biggest organizations nowadays is owed to the decent handling of its corporate image; beginning for something so essential, the logo, up to the image that the same workpeople sell to his clients and all the work of publicity and marketing that works around.