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Plush Laser Clinic is a premier skin care clinic located in Burwood, Sydney. They offer a wide range of laser and skin treatments to help you achieve your desired look and feel your best. They have a experienced team of therapists is committed to providing personalised care and exceptional customer service.

“I’m so grateful for Boko Digital’s hard work and dedication. They have helped me grow my business in ways I never thought possible.

With Boko Digital’s help, we’ve seen a significant increase in website traffic, social media engagement, and Google Ads CTR. This has led to a surge in new patients and inquiries.

I highly recommend Boko Digital to anyone looking to grow their online presence. They are a true asset to any business.

Thank you, Boko Digital!”

Pam, Business Owner at Plush Laser Clinic


The challenge was to increase the number of leads both organically and through paid advertising.


As Plush Laser Clinic operates within the competitive skincare industry, Boko Digital Solutions recognised the importance of these services for Plush Laser Clinic’s success and consequently put them into practice:


After two years of collaboration, we’ve successfully enhanced our client’s brand image and revamped their website, leading to an improved user experience and enhanced navigability.

Our team has implemented comprehensive organic social media strategies and SEO tactics, which have effectively driven website traffic, boosted search performance, and generated a substantial increase in leads.

To complement these efforts, we’ve executed strategic SEM campaigns on Google Ads to expand our client’s visibility and drive conversions through these paid channels.

Website Revamp

Social Media Management

Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)


Through our combined efforts and strategic blend of organic and paid campaign strategies, we achieved significant growth for our client:

  • Total conversions increased from 7 to 84, reflecting a staggering 1,100% growth.
  • CPA decreased from $29.28 to $7.46, demonstrating a remarkable 75% improvement in cost-effectiveness.
  • Google Ads CTR climbed by an impressive 10%, translating into more effective ad performance and a higher return on investment.
  • Organic traffic soared from 562 visits in January to 1,530 in October 2023, representing a remarkable 172% increase.
  • Social media engagement surged by approximately 20%, fostering deeper connections with their target audience.

“We successfully implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Plush Laser Clinic, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic, social media engagement, and Google Ads CTR.”

Maria Mendieta, Co-Founder at Boko Digital