PTH Industries, a prominent provider of cutting-edge recycling equipment, is committed to reshaping Australia’s metal recycling landscape. As a dedicated force in driving innovation and environmental responsibility, the company invites you to join in the journey towards a greener and more circular future.

Boko Digital Solutions, recognizing the crucial role of effective marketing in achieving PTH’s goals, partnered with them to address their challenges. We took a holistic approach, aiming to improve three key areas: lead generation and website traffic.


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Challenges and Goals

PTH Industries faced several challenges:

  • When we started working with PTH, they were in the early stages of establishing their business, had no active paid campaigns and were not generating any inquiries.
  • In addition, we designed their website.

Their goals were clear:

  • Initiate the generation of leads through Google Ads targeting specific keywords
  • Increase traffic and conversions

Our Strategy and Solution

  • Strategic SEM campaigns: We executed targeted Google Ads campaigns, applying a strategy that prioritised low and medium competition keywords for PTH’s two product categories, Wire Strippers and Granulators. This approach enhanced our ability to effectively reach and engage with their target audience.
  • Additionally, we incorporated the following crucial elements:
  • Industry expertise: Recognizing the competitive recycling market, we leveraged our industry knowledge to craft effective strategies.
  • Data-driven approach: We continuously monitored and analysed data and their competitors to adjust campaigns and optimise performance.
  • Communication and collaboration: We maintained open communication with PTH, ensuring alignment and transparency throughout the process.

Results and Impact

Our hard work yielded impactful results:

  • 24 average monthly conversions from Google Ads at an average cost of $20.33 per conversion. This exceeded industry averages, demonstrating the campaign’s efficiency.
  • In a period of 3 months we managed to get a total of 74 conversions from Google Ads at a cost of $29.05 per conversion.
  • Improved conversion rates on both the website and from Google Ads campaigns.
  • Stronger brand awareness and engagement among the target audience.

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SEO (Strengthening Online Presence)

SEO (Strengthening Online Presence)

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Client Testimonial

Aik Sew

Owner of PTH Industries

“Worked with the Boko Digital Solutions team on refurbishing our existing website. They were attentive to our business requirements, great to work with and delivered as promised. Looking forward to working with them again on the next project.”


In just three months, the partnership between PTH Industries and Boko Digital Solutions produced exceptional results that exceeded industry standards. Monthly conversions originating from Google Ads saw a remarkable increase from 6 to 30, demonstrating remarkable effectiveness with an average cost per conversion of $20.23. In addition, the average click-through rate (CTR) stands at an impressive 3.44%. This achievement was accomplished by implementing a strategic approach that prioritised low and medium competition keywords for PTH’s two product categories, namely wire strippers and granulators. The comprehensive and cooperative strategy, which included strategic SEM campaigns, not only skillfully addressed the challenges, but also significantly raised brand visibility and engagement. In particular, the success achieved underscores the power of industry expertise, data-driven strategies and transparent communication to exceed digital marketing objectives.

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