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Stellino is a Sydney-based Australian women’s online fashion boutique. Shop our latest trends for endless inspiration. Our aim has always been to provide our customers with a safe space to experiment with trends, an inviting place to shop for wardrobe staples, and a source of fashion inspiration and refreshment.

“I couldn’t be happier with the marketing services provided by Boko Digital Services. Their team truly understands our business goals and has helped us achieve great results in a short period of time. Their strategic approach, attention to detail, and excellent communication have made them a valuable partner in growing our business. I highly recommend Boko Digital Services to anyone looking for top-notch marketing services.”

Joseph Stellino, CEO at Stellino


Stellino has been facing challenges in reaching its target audience and generating leads through its digital marketing efforts, leading to decreased website traffic and lower conversion rates. Boko Digital Solutions hopes to identify opportunities for growth and improve its competitiveness.


As Stellino is an international fashion e-commerce industry, Boko Digital Solutions identified these services to be vital in Stellino’s success and thus were implemented:


Boko Digital Solutions ran a data analysis and competitor research, it was found that the challenges faced by Stellino were due to a lack of targeted and personalized marketing strategies, a weak online presence, and inadequate use of data and analytics.

Personalised Marketing Strategy

SEO (Strengthening Online Presence)

Data & Analytics


The proposed solutions helped to increase website traffic, improve conversion rates, and generate more leads for Stellino, leading to increased success and growth in its digital marketing efforts.

“Overall, we estimated that with a good setup for Stellino, we are able to enhance sales at least by 30% for the first 3 months for all digital channels, distributing the budget better. Proudly, after implementation, we are able to achieve this target.”

Maria Mendieta, Co-Founder at Boko Digital