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UrbanSport was created for the lover of on-trend, affordable fashion. It aims to give fashionable collections that don’t come with massive price tags.

“I’m so glad I decided to use Boko Digital Services! Their team really knows how to create engaging content and grow my following. My business has seen a significant increase in reach and engagement since working with them. Highly recommended!”

Kelly Tsagaris, Merchandise Manager at Urban Sport


The challenge for Urban Sports was to get the right target audience and position the right products. Another factor was to make sure that the contents in the social media accounts, such as Reels are being noticed. Boko Digital Solutions works to identify opportunities for growth and improve its competitiveness.


Campaigns were run for Urban Sports and monitored on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Boko Digital Services tested on different sets of audiences through social media marketing in order to capture the most suitable target audience and produce sales. Different campaigns were run by the following social media accounts for Urban Sports:


Boko Digital Solutions ran a data analysis and competitor research through:

Personalised Marketing Strategy

SEO (Strengthening Online Presence)

Data & Analytics


The proposed solutions helped to increase website traffic, improve conversion rates, and generate more leads for Urban Sports, leading to increased success and growth in its digital marketing efforts.

“With urban sports we have achieved a CPA of $6.00 and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 400% in the last 6months. Our goal this year is to reduce the CPA down to $4.00.”

Maria Mendieta, Co-Founder at Boko Digital