WordPress Artificial Intelligence for Website

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a lot of attention in business circles lately, and for good reason. If you want to improve your WordPress business website, you may want to consider using AI techniques. This is a smart way to accomplish more by doing less, and to boost your most important metrics (such as sales […]

Website Speed Optimization

In today’s digital world businesses are more focused on improving their website ability and agility to achieve business prospects, because millions of websites are used every day for a variety of purposes. Unfortunately, many of these websites aren’t user-friendly – while considering the first byte. There may be plenty of reasons for your poor website […]

5 TIPS for Facebook business manager

5 TIPS for Facebook business manager Facebook is a really powerfull tool to improve your sales and get more leads. But the algoritm needs puntual orders to work. Also, after of the changes of the regulation of the coockies with iOS facebook has to make some changes to keep making a good tracking work. Here […]

5 TIPS to improve your sales

5 TIPS to improve your sales   At present, the demand for having a stable and positioned digital  fingerprint is increasing. Customer acquisition is always the priority of every company. But to have satisfied customers we must give them more information than they ask for. Valuable content makes the difference in a content strategy and your […]

2021 Social Media Image Guidelines

It’s no surprise that the world wide web of social media marketing keeps evolving. Images and videos continue to be the driver for brand identity and engagement, and with this, comes a continuous shift in the way marketers and consumers alike form their relationship with social media. That’s why Boko wants to help you with […]

Knowledge Hub

Close Trigger Knowledge Hub.The best tips to bring your business to the digital world Catch up on the latest digital trends