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Establish a Strong Brand Identity for Success

Our branding services are designed to help businesses establish and maintain a consistent image and reputation in the market. A strong brand is an essential element of any business, as it helps to build trust and credibility with customers, and ultimately drive conversions.

Our Branding services include:

Analysis of your industry, competitors, and target audience

Development of a unique brand identity that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Design of visual elements such as a logo, color scheme, and typography.

Development of a brand guidelines document that defines how the brand should be presented across all channels

Implementation of the brand across all channels, including website, social media, packaging, and advertising.

Rebranding services, which include re-evaluating and redefining your brand to keep it updated and relevant

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Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your business, industry, and target audience to develop a comprehensive and effective branding strategy. By working with us, you’ll have a professional and consistent brand that will help you to establish credibility, generate leads, and increase sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is different and every brand package is unique. Based on your business’s requirements, Boko Digital, a leading digital solutions agency in Sydney, evaluates the time it will take to create a complete brand solution and provides a proposal for your review. 

Branding is the cumulative perspective of how your customers experience and perceive your company, while a logo is a symbol graphic used by an organisation to identify itself. Logos are not meant to tell an in-depth story, instead, they serve as the primary identifier of your business. A brand, which can be created by a website digital agency like Boko Digital, includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company.

At Boko Digital, a top digital marketing agency in Sydney, each branding package is custom and varies based on the requirements of the client. A typical branding package might include the logo system development as well as a comprehensive document containing guidelines for how to use the logo and branding elements, primary & secondary font specifications, colour palette, general usage guidelines, patterns, icons, clear space, style rules, and common errors.

So if you’re looking for a digital marketing partner that can help you achieve your business goals and drive long-term success, choose Boko Digital today!

A typical brand package takes anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks or longer. This timeline is predefined in the proposal process at our digital agency in Australia and is based on the specific scope of work and project requirements. Milestones and timelines may change based on revisions and client responsiveness.

Boko Digital, a leading digital solutions agency in Sydney, uses a tested method to streamline the branding process:

• Discovery document: We begin with a simple document asking specific questions that help guide the design process.

• Initial kick-off meeting: This is where we get to know you and your product or services, ask questions, review the discovery doc, and identify your objectives.

• Initial creative: We develop various initial creative directions based on the information we have collected from the kickoff meeting and discovery document. From this stage, we refine as many times as written into the scope of work (typically 3 revisions).

• Refined option: We review your brand, ensuring it is exactly what you want.

• Branding Guidelines: A comprehensive document containing guidelines for proper usage of your logo system and branding applications.

• Delivery of files: A highly organized shared cloud folder with all assets.

A rebrand is taking an established brand and changing its identity to align with the current organisation and its customer’s perception of its products, services, and the company as a whole. This is accomplished by revitalising the brand and making it more modern and relevant to its customer’s needs. As a digital marketing company, Boko Digital can help you with your rebranding needs.

Yes, we can work with you to develop your brand’s messaging and tone to ensure consistency and clarity across all marketing channels. This can include identifying your brand’s key values, unique selling points, and target audience, as well as crafting messaging that resonates with your customers.

We offer branding packages that go beyond just designing a logo. We can help you with creating a comprehensive brand strategy, developing brand guidelines, and executing your branding across all marketing materials. Even if you already have a logo, we can work with you to ensure it aligns with your brand identity and messaging.