Stellino is a Sydney-based Australian women’s online fashion boutique. Customers can explore the latest trends for a plethora of inspiration. The boutique’s objective has consistently revolved around offering patrons a secure environment to explore trends, a welcoming destination for acquiring wardrobe essentials, and a fount of fashion inspiration and rejuvenation.

Boko Digital Solutions, recognizing the crucial role of effective marketing in achieving Stellino’s goals, partnered with them to address their challenges. We took a holistic approach, aiming to improve three key areas: lead generation, website traffic, and conversion rates.


Average # of conversions p/m

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Challenges and Goals

Inadequate lead generation: Stellino struggled to attract sufficient qualified leads from their marketing efforts.

  • Limited website traffic: Their website failed to reach the desired audience, resulting in fewer potential clients.
  • Inefficient Google Ads: Existing Google campaigns did not effectively drive conversions or maximise return on ad spend (ROAS).

Their objectives were well-defined:

  • Boost lead generation: Increase the influx of qualified leads.
  • Enhance website traffic: Improve organic visibility to reach the target audience.
  • Elevate conversion rates: Optimise user experience and lead generation strategies for better results.
  • Optimise Google Ads: Fine-tune paid campaigns to yield higher conversions and improve ROI.

Our Strategy and Solution

We implemented a holistic approach:

  • Managed Stellino campaigns meticulously to target demographics and drive sales.
  • Crafted personalised marketing strategies based on market research and audience segmentation.
  • Employed data-driven analysis for refining strategies and staying competitive.
  • Continuously tracked metrics like website traffic and ROAS for campaign optimization.
  • Implemented SEO tactics to boost search performance and website traffic.


Additionally, we incorporated the following crucial elements:

  • Industry expertise: Recognizing the competitive mortgage market, we leveraged our industry knowledge to craft effective strategies.
  • Data-driven approach: We continuously monitored and analysed data to adjust campaigns and optimise performance.
  • Communication and collaboration: We maintained open communication with Stellino, ensuring alignment and transparency throughout the process.

Results and Impact

Our hard work yielded impactful results:

  • 212 average monthly conversions from Google Ads at a cost of $22 per conversion. This exceeded industry averages, demonstrating the campaign’s efficiency.
  • In a period of 6 months we managed to increase the number of conversions from 477 to 850 conversions from Google Ads at a cost of $22.07 per conversion.
  • Substantial increase in website traffic driven by organic strategies.
  • Improved conversion rates on both the website and from Google Ads campaigns.
  • Stronger brand awareness and engagement among the target audience.

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Instagram Management

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Activepipe Email Campaigns

Allied Health Landing Page Revamp

SEO (Strengthening Online Presence)

SEO (Strengthening Online Presence)

Facebook Ads Strategy

Client Testimonial

Joseph Stellino

CEO at Stellino

I couldn’t be happier with the marketing services provided by Boko Digital Services. Their team truly understands our business goals and has helped us achieve great results in a short period of time. Their strategic approach, attention to detail, and excellent communication have made them a valuable partner in growing our business. I highly recommend Boko Digital Services to anyone looking for top-notch marketing services.


This case study exemplifies the successful collaboration between Boko Digital Solutions and Stellino. By understanding their challenges, setting clear goals, and implementing a well-defined strategy, we achieved significant results. Stellino now effectively reaches their target audience, generating more leads and achieving their business objectives. This experience also solidified our understanding of the mortgage industry and refined our approach to crafting impactful marketing campaigns.

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