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Next-Level Instagram Tools for Marketing 2023


Iconosquare is a popular and widely used tool for Instagram marketing, it is particularly useful for measuring real-time engagement and brand mentions on the platform. It provides detailed analytics on brand mentions in captions and posts on Instagram. This allows users to track how their brand is being received and discussed on the platform, and make informed decisions about their marketing strategy

One of the key features of Iconosquare is its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand data presentation. The tool makes it easy to quickly understand important metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, and post-performance, and also track the competitor’s performance. Its simplicity and clean design is a standout feature, making it a valuable asset for any business looking to optimise its Instagram marketing efforts. The price starts at $76/month for the pro package.

Hootsuite Composer

Hootsuite’s Composer is a versatile and robust tool for creating, customising and scheduling Instagram posts. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to create posts on the fly or schedule them for later. The Composer comes loaded with features that can help businesses maximise the impact of their Instagram posts, such as editing capabilities, post customization, and scheduling options.

Additionally, the Composer offers a “Best time to Publish” feature that is based on your specific historical posting data. This feature can help you identify the optimal times to schedule your posts in order to maximise engagement, click-throughs, and impressions. Hootsuite’s Composer is a valuable tool for any business looking to streamline their Instagram marketing efforts and improve their post-performance. Hootsuite composer is available for a 30-day free trial. The price starts at $71/month.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one Instagram management tool that is specifically designed for businesses. It offers a comprehensive set of features that can help you manage all aspects of your Instagram presence, from scheduling posts, managing comments, and tracking hashtags, to running detailed reports. Its ability to connect and manage multiple Instagram profiles and team content calendar makes it an ideal solution for larger marketing teams.

Some of the key features of Sprout Social include:

  • Instagram Scheduling: This allows you to plan, schedule, and publish your posts at optimal times.
  • Smart Inbox: This lets you manage comments, direct messages, and mentions in one place.
  • Post-level performance insights: Provides detailed information on the performance of each post, including engagement, reach, and click-throughs.
  • Presentation-ready reports: Generates reports that can be easily shared with stakeholders and clients, with the option to customise them according to your needs.


Phlanx is a powerful tool for managing and analysing Instagram accounts, it offers a wide range of calculators and other features that can help businesses optimise their performance on the platform. One of the standout features of Phlanx is its Influencer Auditor, which is specifically designed for running Instagram audits.

In addition to the Influencer Auditor, Phlanx also offers a couple of calculators for measuring engagement: the Instagram Engagement Calculator and the Instagram Post Likes Calculator. The former allows you to measure the engagement rates of your posts, while the latter can be used to find out the post interactions for an individual post.

Another useful feature of Phlanx is the Instagram Competitor Tracker calculator, which allows you to compare the engagement rates of multiple Instagram accounts. This is a valuable tool for businesses looking to benchmark their performance against their competitors, as well as identify areas for improvement. Phlanx is a comprehensive tool for managing and analysing Instagram accounts and one of the top tools for Instagram audit, engagement and competitor tracking. Phlanx offers a 3-month trial and price starts at $ 59/ month.


VSCO is a must-have photo editing app for anyone looking to improve the quality of their Instagram posts. It is designed for creators by creators and is packed with a wide range of versatile editing tools and features. With VSCO, you can adjust elements such as contrast, sharpness, colour balance, and brightness to fine-tune your images and create high-quality visuals that will stand out on Instagram. It offers a lot of free filters and presets, making it easy to find the right look and feel for your images.

If you sign up for VSCO’s subscription plan, you’ll have access to even more features and resources, including tips, tricks, and creative tutorials. Additionally, VSCO offers weekly photo challenges, which can be a great way to learn new techniques and hone your skills. These challenges also give the opportunity to learn how to unlock the potential of presets and editing tools which can be beneficial for your Instagram post. VSCO is a perfect tool for anyone who is serious about improving the visual quality of their Instagram posts and expanding their creative capabilities. VSCO offers a Free plan, but for more advanced photo editing tools you’ll need to sign up for its monthly or annual subscription

Want to start the new year off with a bang and give your business the boost it needs on Instagram? Look no further! Boko’s Top 5 Instagram tools are exactly what you need to take your social media game to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it, schedule a consultation with Boko today and see for yourself how these powerful tools can transform your business in 2023! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s schedule your consultation now and take your business to new heights!

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